Strong and determined Sebastien Dewaest reaches his goal : to be the 2019 Belgian Soccer Champion ! The captain of KV GENK has brilliantly led the squad to the supreme target and mastered the Belgian soccer 2019 championship after a long and tough play-offs campaign. Congratulations Seb ! Congratulations to ‘The Gladiator’ !
A limited edition serie of Chronograph is now under study to commemorate the event !

New ambassadors in the paddock : Cram Motorsport !

We are happy to announce a very nice collaboration with the legendary Cram Motorsport team, well-knowned italian strong team who has previously built the career of many formula one aces, as Felipe Massa, Pastor Maldonado etc. Cram will be timed on every race and track week-ends by Boyle&Copeland chronographs.