The Swiss watchmaker redoubles its commitment to Motorsport through
this partnership agreement, which means its entry into the Spanish

Boyle & Copeland, Swiss watch brand? born in 1996 and specialized in the
creation of exclusive design collections for its customers, has joined the
Spanish Formula 4 Championship to increase its presence in the world of
motorsport, whose presence is already high and disembark in a new
market for them, as is the Spanish.
Thanks to this collaboration agreement, the championship will have its
own line of watches, called Boyle&Copeland “El Vencedor” Limited
Edition 2021 and designed exclusively by the brand for it.
Also, with the firm intention of recognizing the hard work involved in the
world of motorsport, both for drivers and for all the people involved in the
participating teams and in the organization of the championship, a prize
called “The Star of the Weekend” will be created, which will award to one
person, or group of people, at the end of each of the official events of the
2021 season, with a watch of the line “El Vencedor” in recognition of the
good performance throughout the racing weekend.

Mr. Álvaro Martínez de Tejada, General Coordinator of Agrupación
Deportiva F4 Spain, promoter of the championship, stated the following:
It is a pleasure for us to partner with a brand like Boyle & Copeland. We
believe it is a great step forward in terms of the image of the
championship and even more so with such a noble purpose as
recognizing the efforts of all those who make it possible for the
championship to go ahead. Without a doubt, we are delighted with this
initiative and we hope it will be the first stone of a long-lasting

Mr. Luca Arcangeli, International brand development manager of Boyle &
Copeland, has made the following comments regarding this new
We are not the usual Swiss Made brand has our main target is to
develop private label and limited-edition series for our direct customers.
We already supported some prestigious international teams in the past,
but it is our first time as Championship official provider and sponsor. We
are delighted to collaborate with the growing F4 Spanish championship
and their teams and Federation. I think we all have to fight in these very
tough time of pandemia to be present at racing events, and for us, it was
an evident and obvious move to support the man or woman who forced
the respect and congratulations during a race week-end. “El Vencedor” is
that person. We know that “El Vencedor limited edition” timepieces will
be worn by brave and courageous people from the paddock. For us it will
be an everyday reward to their racing art and bravery. And for sure, the
winner of the Championship will certainly not be forgotten. We are
ready to start our chronographs. Please feel free to visit us and contact
us through our internet site ( www.boylecopeland.ch) or by my direct
email : info@boylecopeland.ch, we will be happy to serve you.

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