Precise and accurate work done by hand is at the heart of our watchmaking skills. Our watchmakers have been extensively trained and are professionals in their field. Each watch is assembled, controlled and packaged manually. This is how we guarantee the «Swiss Made» quality of our watches. We are proud to say that in this way every Boyle&Copeland watch bears honour to the Swiss watchmaking tradition.


At our headquarters in Solothurn, we not only strive to create watches in the spirit of the swiss tradition, but we have the honor to do so within walls that stand for a swiss watchmaking tradition of over 100 years.


Our very small brand, Boyle&Copeland, has been designing and producing watches of proven Swiss Made quality since 1996. Our list of customers includes worldwide renowned people and companies from various industries such as banking, the automobile industry, telecommunications, hotels, athletes, sports clubs and associations.

Since our beginning we also have been associated with many sportsmen and teams in the motorsport fields.

Which is our privileged area of communication. We like tracks, paddocks lifestyle, engines and tough competition.

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