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Strong and determined Sebastien Dewaest reaches his goal : to be the 2019 Belgian Soccer Champion ! The captain of KV GENK has brilliantly led the squad to the supreme target and mastered the Belgian soccer 2019 championship after a long and tough play-offs campaign. Congratulations Seb ! Congratulations to ‘The Gladiator’ !
A limited edition serie of Chronograph is now under study to commemorate the event !

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We are happy to announce a very nice collaboration with the legendary Cram Motorsport team, well-knowned italian strong team who has previously built the career of many formula one aces, as Felipe Massa, Pastor Maldonado etc. Cram will be timed on every race and track week-ends by Boyle&Copeland chronographs.


Speed artist croatian born Istvan Kundelice,  has made an life existence production for art contemporary illustration of speed, racing and time…
He ordered a chronograph while visiting us,  last month… Speed inspired tachymeter chronograph … Ready to deliver ! Thanks !

“CarbonforVitesse” New limited edition | 33 pieces

Six months of discussions, work and decision are finally made to promote the fantastic “Carbon&Vitesse” limited edition serie that will be released in March for a newcoming racing team. Carbon cars are exceptionnal. We had the chance to meet a strong team and to elaborate a new collaboration strategy with this superb Valjoux 7750 chronograph.
Boucle déployante, masse de rotor allégée, see-through back sapphiere glass, 10atm water resistant, a brilliant watch… coming soon at a very afffordable price for our collectors. Only on private booking to get your Name and favourite serial number on it … If you order quickly !

Official presentation in March in Navarra race track with the team and official drivers.

first draws and ideas has decided the production to start !

Sophie to enter BossGP and French racing championship

Sophie is ready ! Our french racing driver lady and ambassador is keen to enter its new 2019 challenge with her new “25 Formula Edition” racing chronograph built on very few samples. All watches are sold directly to supporters and fans to support this wonderful lady adventures. We are proud to contribute to her racing season with a special limited edition chronographs serie.

Go… So! Go !

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